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Forget, wedding, Amy


we're all stories in the end

so I'll write you a good one

Where We End and I Begin
Forget, wedding, Amy
Title:Where We End and I Begin
Author: Diana Prallon
Spoilers: 501 - but before Mordred's arrival
Ships: Merlin/Arthur
Genre: Drama; Hurt/Comfort
Word Count: 350

Where We End and I Begin

He knows it’s time now. He knows that’s where everything changes. There is no way out of this situation – it’s up to Merlin, and to him alone, to save them.

Arthur is on the ground, his life at the saxon’s hands, and this is now it is supposed to be. This isn’t their destiny, and Merlin knows – he knows that he will be able to save him now. This wasn’t Arthur’s Bane – this was Merlin’s final moments. From now on, he will be another person – Emrys, as they call him, the man that has a power beyond all imagination.

He never wanted to become Emrys, Morgana’s nightmare and Albion’s greatest sorcerer. He only ever wanted to be Arthur’s Merlin – but that is not a choice, not anymore, and he may be either or neither in a few minutes, but he won’t allow Arthur to be killed by this man.

Merlin turns around, sure, his voice steady.

“If you’re going to kill him” he announces, looking at their chief. “You’ll have to kill me first”.
He can hear Arthur’s breath, and he dares to look at him, for just a moment. He knows what Arthur will say.

“Step aside, Merlin.”

He knows he can’t. His heart swells as he notices how much Arthur does care, and he can still feel Arthur’s leather gloves upon his lips. He can remember the way the king’s fingers caressed him, kind and loving, keeping him safe, keeping him from harm.

It’s his turn to do it now.

“You know I never do as I am told” he reminds Arthur, and a million of things pass through his mind in a split of a second. His whole life is about the end, even if he survives. It will never be the same. The memory of Arthur’s gloves upon his lips might be the last memory he had of the king he dedicated his life for.

And as he prepares to reveal himself, he knows it will never be enough, but it will have to be all.

This is where it ends.

This is where it begins.

You Are My Secret
Forget, wedding, Amy
Title:You Are My Secret
Author: Diana Prallon
Spoilers: 501
Ships: Gwen/Sefa
Genre: Drama; Hurt/Comfort
Word Count: 310

You Are My Secret

There are things that are forbidden. There are things that are hard to deal. There are things that are impossible for their very nature.

This was one of those things.

Of course she couldn’t speak about the one she cared about – not to the Queen and not to anyone. One might think she had a lover, family, a friend – none would even imagine that the whole of her heart belonged to a loyalty that she should never have.

They were not her people. They despised her people, indeed.

She worried – she always did. Sefa would worry during her nights and days, during every waking hour. She would think of the queen’s lovely eyes, and of her kindness. She wished her the best, even knowing that she should hate her for everything that had been done to their people.
No one could understand that.
Well, maybe Merlin would, for the King certainly didn’t treat him with the same kind of respect that Sefa received from her lady. Maybe he hurt, and surely he worried just as much. Merlin couldn’t be parted from the King, and Sefa understood it completely.

Even when she moved to betray Camelot, Gwen was the first thing on her mind.

She didn’t deserve it.

She deserved all of the best.

Yet, she had made her choice when she chose Arthur Pendragon; and sealed her fate.

It made Sefa wish that she wouldn’t have to come back and face her queen, her beloved queen, knowing that she had helped her doom.

It made Sefa wish that she’d be sent back and be able to protect Guinevere from whatever might happen, stay by her side, and keep her safe, even from the lady Morgana, even if it meant sacrificing herself.

For that was what Queen Guinevere meant to Sefa: the one thing she would always worry about.

The Children of Kings
Forget, wedding, Amy
Title: The Children of Kings
Author: Diana Prallon
Rating: T
Word Count: 1713
Ships: Arthur/Gwen; Gwen/Lancelot; Uther/Ygraine
Genre: Family; Angst; H/C
Warnings: Dead characters, grieving.
Spoilers: It's set up a bit before 501; no spoilers for the episode though.

All conversations revolve around the same thing.Collapse )

All That We Break
Forget, wedding, Amy
Title:All That We Break
Author: Diana Prallon
Spoilers: 501
Ships: Arthur/Merlin; Merlin/Mordred
Genre: Drama; Hurt/Comfort; Romance?
Word Count: 880
Warnings: Character Death.

They were all the same - broken boys too powerful for their own good.Collapse )